Saturday, July 25, 2015

"Tales of Lyla" pages sneak peak

If you haven't joined us on the magical journey in "Tales of Lyla" yet, check out these samples from issues 1-3!

I'm the color stylist on the crew; which means I color the pages and put in FX using color. I receive pages that have only black linework, put in base colors, then shading/mood and of course the sparkly FX depending on what's happening in the panel. The time it takes to do each page varies depending on environment, lighting and mood. The page on the far left is from issue 1 and has a very detail intense design and many, many areas in need of FX such as glow for the windows. That one took a few days to execute from start to finish because of the level of detail and needed FX to set the mood.

The page in the middle had a simpler color approach that I had already established in earlier pages from issue 2 so there was less planning and more executing. There were a bunch of FX to take into account though such as bubbles, steam, water, dirt, dust and cobwebs. In the final panel, there were several light sources on the far left from specimen jars so each has their own lighting and how that lighting affects other shapes surrounding them like the walls.

The page on the far right is form issue 3. The last panel on this page has a lot of FX in the form of clouds, lightning and magic. In order to achieve depth of swirling dark clouds in the sky, extra layers of varying darkness needed to be added.

Tons of love goes into every single page from all of us on the Lyla crew : )

Every issue is easily available for download for a mere couple of dollars or so:

Easy ordering for issues 1 - 3

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