Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sneak peak at new design coming to full render

This is my take on a being to represent the element of earth and all things in the soil such as crystals, rocks and the like. This guy's about twice the size of a polar bear, which is between 8 to 8.5 feet long, making this guy around 17 feet tall when he stands. On his back grow the purest crystals on the planet. Depending on the environment he's in will decide what sort of crystal will grow. The current batch are topaz crystals that gleam amber. As he lumbers about, pieces of crystal fall off and add to the soil. Huge as he may be, he has a very calm/quiet temperament. Some mistake this nature for being harmless but when this guy gets truly upset, the earth violently shakes. Looks like some unlucky fool managed to piss him off....

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