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Greetings All! My name is Kris and I have a passion for storytelling through visual design. In other words; I draw stuff to express a vision or idea.

If you're a person or studio with a story the world must be told, then I'm your woman to give the visual life it deserves. I offer 2D design skills from characters to layout to storyboards to concept/story art and more. When we're through, you'll have everything you need to pitch your idea for financing or to get your production team on a roll!

The world of 2D animation and video games are my favorite places to apply my drawing skill set as they inspired me to draw in the first place. Those stories were and still are a large part of my life for entertainment, education and inspiration. My favorites are the ones that make me feel a truly emotional response or make me think. My drawing skills cover many other areas of creativity as well such as illustration, promotional graphics, website assets and more.

As a person, I'm pretty goofy and happy-go-lucky but I'm also very driven and tenacious when it comes to work or things I set out to accomplish. When others put their faith in me to give visual form to their ideas, I take that faith very seriously. Through research, experiments with pencil/color and sometimes learning new software/techniques if needed, I'll do what I must to bring their vision to life.

Grant me a chance to design for you and I'll become a great asset for your creative endeavors!

If you would like to hire or talk to me for a job, 
please email me at: kjrob85@hotmail.com

Spend a few moments getting to know me as I'm being interviewed by the Google+ group: "A view from the edge". Follow this 'edgy' link to check out the community:

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