Thursday, June 25, 2015


"Luna" is one of several names for the spirit of the moon. This lunar personification comes from Roman mythology. Other names include Diana, Artemis, Phoebe, Selene and many others across the decades. A simpler design this time but minimalism can be a beautiful thing :)

Monday, June 22, 2015

Undine - COMPLETE!

Whew~ This one took awhile. Lots of research and color experiments were done for differing textures. She's finally done! We finally have Undine, the water spirit, in full color glory : ) Think it took maybe 30-ish hours to complete over several days. When you get locked in rendering something like this, time just passes in a blink.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The "Leaf Bringer"

Keeping with the current theme of spiritual beings for the elements, this is my take on a tree spirit. I call him "The Leaf Bringer". He's a red fox in Japanese wear with a very full backpack. This pack contains an enormous variety of tree seeds from oaks to maples to gingkos and so on. He's a solitary little fellow but he will aid those lost in the forest he's currently walking through by showing the way back to civilization. The short sword at his waist is used primarily for chopping dead branches or felling trees so they can return to the soil.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Luna, goddes of the moon(another work in progress)

A page from Roman mythology. Luna is one of the names used for the their goddess of the moon. She holds a mirror because the moon's bright white color is reflected light from the sun. I see her as a small being, maybe child size, with an eastern flare with the kimono and type of mirror she holds. Her hair flows long and dark like the night sky with some ethereal FX (the spheres floating around her hair) A color version will be following soon after I finish the Undine design render.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Undine, spirit of water (work in progress)

Now we arrive to the final design that I will be taking for color. It's taken at least 5 or 6 retraces to get to this point over the course of a couple of days or so. Undine, the water spirit from Greek mythology, will have a full render coming soon : )

Undine now has a more interesting costume with much more detail. My favorite part are the pearl beads that wrap around her waist. The theme of water was still kept with the clothes transitioning into water beyond a certain point. Also added a forehead ornament and reverted her hair style back my first design.

After looking at my Undine design for a bit, I thought 'Man, this is boring....I can do better than this!'. Thus, it was back to the drawing board so to speak. Having clothes made of water for a water spirit is fine but it's also been done a million times and leaves very little for the viewer to take in without the fancy render and FX. Also, the hair was boring too! (what was I thinking?)
This was what I thought was going to be my final design for Undine. Being a water spirit, I thought it only right that she be made of water and the clothes made of water too.

This one is the starting point for the Undine design. I always start with pose first before worrying about any costumes or details. If the pose fails to work, no amount of detail or fancy rendering will fix it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Help this project reach 350+ backers on!

Woohoo! the Bane tabletop card game has reached its funding goal on but why stop there? If 350+ folks back this campaign, the Tales of Lyla team at 10 Forward Productions will be signed to doing an amazing 4-page comic to go with the game! Follow the link below to back the project.

 Only 4 hours left in this campaign; let's make them count!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

BANE tabletop crowdfunding project on

Please spread the word on this project, folks. Share, or better yet, donate to help this great project get funded. We need more tabletop card game.

Click the link above to watch the promo video : )

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Issue #3 of Tales of Lyla available for purchase on!

Tales of Lyla, issue #3: Settling the Score

And it's available to read on just about any digital device for only 99 cents! Click the link above to be taken straight to the 3rd issue. While you're there, check out the first 2 issues that are also available!

This one was a coloring challenge for me and it's come out awesome! Show me and the rest of the great 10 Forward Productions team some love folks : )