Monday, January 13, 2014

Ever heard of an "Earthship"?

You read right. What the heck is an earthship? Some sort of sci-fi term? It's the name of a sustainable home built out of recyclable materials such as old tires. All needs are met such as food, water, waste disposal, a moderate supply of electricity and a balmy 70 degree in-home climate year-round w/o or very little heating or cooling.  It's also living "off the grid", meaning that your home won't be having services provided such as electricity, gas and so on but why would you need these services if the home is built with these needs already addressed? Read this link to learn more:

The idea is very intriguing, especially to a nature nut like me. I've always loved living green and as healthy as possible. I hope to build one of these myself : )

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