Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ask "Stretch"- January

Greetings Creatives and Creative Enthusiasts! Welcome to year 2014! A whole new chapter awaits to be written. Everyone staying healthy? This month's "Ask 'Stretch'" comes a bit early. Enjoy!

Question: Help, I can't do those foreshortening poses! Every time I try, it's an utter failure......Please help!

Answer: For those who may be wondering, "foreshortening" is a term describing an object coming toward or away from you in space. A hand reaching towards you is bigger closer to you and the rest of the arm seems to shrink. This is merely the rest of the arm receding in space. The first recommendation I have is if you are going to be a serious artist, then you would do well to take a course or two in basic 2D animation and lots of life drawing. Animation has 12 rules or principles that make it weave the illusion of life. One of those principles has to do with "arcs". The rule states that everything moves on an arc from the swing of your arm to the path of a bouncing ball. A good friend of mine showed me this video by "Sycra" on youtube that really breaks down how easy foreshortening is, at least conceptually. Execution is a whole other matter and takes practice. Have a look and practice, practice, practice:

Re-watch this video a few times to let it really sink in. Watch carefully the relationships of positioning between the limbs. Foreshortening can be a powerful ally once you master it!

And that does it for this edition of "Ask 'Stretch'". Got a question about art or the industry? Shoot me a message in the "Contact Me" box on the right side of the screen. Wishing everyone out there the best and see you all next time : )

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