Saturday, November 21, 2015

The innocent - "R"

Another main character that stars alongside "Aya" for this story. For the time being, she's known as "R" and she's roughly 5 years of age. R lives in a very picturesque utopia. Everyday is roughly the same. Children her age and younger are kept indoors at all times until they come of age to be fitted with a visor. This visor is a piece of high technology that interacts with the environment inside and out. It's also a crucial tool used in their education. Typically, by age 6, a child is physically and mentally mature enough to have a visor made that will "plug in" to their brain. Once connected, the visor essentially becomes apart of the individual, never coming off again. R passes her days playing with a ball-like toy that glows and flies about the room. She also watches the unit display (TV), plays games on the unit tablet and stares at the ceiling when she gets bored. R also spends a fair while staring out the unit's only window, taking in the environment outside, wishing to become apart of it soon.

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