Sunday, April 12, 2015

It's April already?

E-gads, it's already April! How is everybody out there? I've been thoroughly enjoying my role as colorist on the comic series, "Tales of Lyla"(

Here's some new original pieces from me : )

When I'm working on a project for a client or just drawing for me, I love to listen to video game long plays. For those who unsure of what a long play is, it's somebody just playing a video game from start to finish w/o any voice over commentary. I grew up on video games so it has a strong nostalgia/happy factor for me. I was inspired by one of the long plays for this kid above.

At the moment, I just call him "Billy" which is short for William. This one is a tragic sort of character. Billy is from around the 1920s to 1930s or so. While trying to sell newspapers at a busy street corner, he was hit by a car going far too fast. Having died so suddenly and so quickly, he wandered about the city he called home, confused as to why nobody would notice or talk to him. Even when he returned home, nobody could see or hear him. Looking at a small nearby mirror, no reflection stared back at him. Enraged, he hurried back to that fateful corner, looking for the one responsible for taking his life. The guilty party had also died after crashing into a nearby building.

'What do I do now....?' He pondered despondently. At a loss as to where to go or what to do, he headed for a nearby alley. He didn't have anywhere else to go so what did it matter? 

Decades passed. What memories he had of his life disappeared slowly. Eventually, he forgot his age, his family, friends and on and on until he finally forgot his own name.

Fear and sorrow from this emptiness turned to anger. That anger twisted his image to what you see above....

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