Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Savior of the seed

Sometime in the distant future, our food will be so advanced that we won't grow food from seeds anymore. Instead the trend is all about "holo-food" that comes complete with texture and scents of different foods. It pleases the tongue and the mind enough to bypass the stomach feeling full. The humans of this time are always eating claiming they can't get enough.....because....well, they aren't. They're just "filling up" on holo-food and drink rather than the real stuff. Water is a taboo word almost lost to the times. Everyday, the humans get a daily shot of vitamins and minerals crafted in labs. Underneath the humans' feet, the mouse population scurries about looking for real food in the form of seeds that could be raised to produce food. Maybe that's what our young girl mouse is doing in this picture. Perhaps, one day, the fate of humanity will actually ride on her and her kind's shoulders to save humanity from its own food technology....

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