Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ask "Stretch"! August

Every once in awhile, it feels good to take a break from drawing and developing. For a change of pace at the end of each month starting today, I'll address some of the questions that come my way from those that watch my blog. For privacy concerns, people that ask these questions will remain anonymous. My hope is to connect better with my audience, have fun and help others understand what goes on here on my blog and in my creative process in general. I hope everyone will enjoy!

Question: Hey, Stretch........why are you calling yourself "Stretch"?

Answer: "Stretch" is an endearing nickname that I've heard now and again over the course of my life as I've always been on the tall side. When I was 12, I was already 5 foot 4 in. and by the end of high school I reached 6 feet and that's the height I have stayed at. Recently, I was waiting to get my haircut at a local salon and an elder gentleman came through the door. He said "hello" to everyone and to me, he said, "Hey, Stretch." I couldn't help but smile and giggle as it had been a long time since somebody said that to me. In fact, it made me smile so much, I thought I would take the name and use it for myself and now it's being used here for answering questions. There's even a plan for a web comic using my "Stretch" persona and now I just need to find time for it.

If any of you out there in the audience have a tasteful, appropriate question you would like to ask about the creative process, feel free leave a comment to this post and I'll answer based on the order they are received. Also, please let me know if any of you like this idea or would rather just keep watching the art work get posted : )

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