-"I had the pleasure of working with Kristen on our company's first major project. I came away impressed with her diligence, patience, and drive to make the best product possible. She displayed great communication skills and a willingness to ask questions. She's a gifted artist with admirable work ethic and passion. Above all, I found her to be very personable and she brings a great attitude to work."

- Micah Brooke, Co-founder of Octopie Studios, LLC.
 * Work done for this client is currently locked by NDA*

-"Kristen has been working for my company, 10 Forward Productions for over a year as freelance color stylist and sometimes illustrator. I am consistently delighted with how easy she is to work with as she's a very efficient communicator, tenacious about delivering high quality in her work and very loyal. Getting the project done and to what standard is just as important to her as it is to me. Artists passionate about their work are easy to find but it is much more difficult to find a highly skilled, good-natured, hard working artist that's also a great communicator. She is also great at taking direction for me as the art director and happy to learn whenever necessary. I am so pleased with the work she's done for me. What's more amazing is we have achieved so much and yet have never met in person. Any company or production team will be well served if they add Kristen to their ranks."

- Amit Tishler, President of 10 Forward Productions, Inc.

-"Kristen has invested to become a better professional artist; and it really shows in her work. She's an excellent communicator, provides timely updates, and loves making her clients' projects excel -- It's these additional skills that make her an invaluable team member, and augment her proficiency."

- Drew Bates, Founder of Unique Publications, LLC

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